Return to Al E. Polin Park

In August, Amy and her daughters returned to Al E. Polin Park in Indianapolis’ Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood. You may remember that back in June, Amy and her Indianapolis Bar Leader Series Class XVIII first participated in the park improvement as their team service project marking the end of their year-long leadership program. At the time, the class pledged to continue coming back to the park and assist the City of Indianapolis, IndyParks, and the Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association with providing consistent and continuous improvements to the park grounds.

This time, Amy’s daughters decorated the sidewalk of the park with more than a dozen painted maple leaves – the unmistakable symbol of Mapleton-Fall Creek. The girls loved the color palette: the green and the blue look just like lush grass and summer sky!

Even though the team proudly rid the playground of weeds in the spring, over the course of the summer poison ivy took ahold of the ground in multiple areas throughout the park, including around the play structures. Removing all of the poison ivy took some extra time and extra caution, but it was well worth the effort. With the ground clear, it was all hands on deck spreading 27,000 lb of mulch, completely resurfacing the playground.

Amy shared that it is projects like this what makes her feel especially grateful to live in Indianapolis. There is much to do in our city – but there is also so much willingness and commitment to lend a helping hand. And that is a perfect recipe for a community in which positive impact is the means and thriving neighborhoods the goal. We can’t wait to bring you another update from the Al E. Polin Park. Until then – stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

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